Wayne Sanderson
Re: It seems rather interesting...
Fri Jun 03, 23:06

If you had occasion to quote the entire statute you would reveal for the readers here that while, as you say, an Inquest was REQUIRED whenever there was reasonable suspicion that a death occurred at the hands of another under circumstances that would be defined as criminal under law, Coroners then and now have the option to convene Inquests to determine means, circumstances and justifiability of killings. Because Coroners then and even today in many places are elected political positions, and events such as the street fight are a political hot potato, Coroners who DID NOT convene Inquest juries to pass judgment on those type of events were either stupid, or they weren't planning on running for reelection.

  • It seems rather interesting...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jun 03 18:04
    ...It seems more than interesting that there has always been an assumption that a Coroner's Inquest was just a regular matter of course whenever there was a loss of life by violence. Apparently ... more
    • Re: It seems rather interesting... — Wayne Sanderson, Fri Jun 03 23:06
      • certainly a point to be considered...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 5:10
        ...and political advantage dominates in every time period, it seems. However, the Coroner's option does not change the fact that it is on the books and justifies suspicion under the circumstances and ... more
        • Re: certainly a point to be considered...Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 8:56
          They held an inquest for Frank Leslie's shooting of William Floyd Claiborne as well, and everyone from God on down knew it was a good shoot. Inquests were procedural. They were not criminal trials but... more
          • So we don't ...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 9:29
            ...really know how Matthews, the Coroner, may have felt politically, though it appears he was a Republican. Perhaps he felt pressured by one side or the other, but the statute was on the books and he ... more
            • further thought out of ignorance....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 10:06
              ...of statutes and laws and if I am reading them correctly. Am I misunderstanding that the Coroner's obligation, based on the statute, was to not only establish the cause of death but also whether ... more
              • Re: further thought out of ignorance....Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 10:13
                The Coroner's Jury would be charged with fixing official responsibility for a death when it was caused by another person. If in their opinion it was justified, they would say so, if it was criminal th... more
                • Re: Re: further thought out of ignorance....Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 10:37
                  To add to the above, while the Inquest verdict was legal and binding with regard to determining the cause of death and identifying whether it was caused by another person, their opinion on criminality... more
                  • Wayne, so then....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 10:57
                    ...does that mean the Inquest was not determined in either direction? Why would no decision be made one way or the other? Why a Hearing appointed but not a Grand Jury trial? Was the Coroner unwilling ... more
                    • Re: Wayne, so then....Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 10:58
                      The Spicer hearing results WERE laid before the Grand Jury and they No Billed it.
                      • then the Hearing....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 11:03
                        ...came about only because of Ike's charges?
                        • yep! (nm)paul j, Sat Jun 04 11:07
                          • Yep!...okay,Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 11:13
                            ...I am catching on. Before you lose complete patience with me, understand that though I lean toward being analytical, my fourth grade education prevents me from understanding some terminology, especi... more
                            • Inquests were fact finding tools...Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 13:10
                              ...that were more aimed toward determining the means and manner of death more than any criminal responsibility. The need for them as a civil process was much greater before modern technical means. Man... more
                              • Okay, Wayne....Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 17:41
                                I am pretty sure you didn't believe me when I said I only have a fourth grade education as I do not understand quite a bit of what you posted for me though I appreciate the information and will file i... more
                            • Joyce -paul j, Sat Jun 04 11:16
                              I always appreciate your getting in and arguing your point of view. It keeps things lively and encourages all of us. What fun would it be if we all agreed? all the best! paul
            • Yes, the Claiborne shooting...Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 04 9:58
              ...was reviewed by a Coroner's jury. It is, quite frankly a goldmine for my research, not for the details but for how it was documented. I had already figured out that Cochise County in 1882 was emplo... more
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