Joyce A. Aros
So you must recognize my sympathy is with Ike ...
Sun Jun 05, 16:38 this situation. Obviously he did not understand what the procedure entailed, he was deeply emotionally involved, time was the enemy as well...and his ignorance of all of this caused him to repeat the mistakes of the whole mess. wouldn't you expect the lawyers to have learned something? Even I could have! Poor Will McLaury knew nothing of criminal Law either, but one guy on the Prosecutors' side was supposed to be an expert. Was he asleep?

But I was not impressed with that asinine clown Defense performance either, especially with his chummy visit with Sills. Why did Spicer allow such nonsense? Wasn't that a dead give-away about his position?

I guess there is no sense beating a dead horse but it has been most enlightening. I learned some things from you I will likely forget by tomorrow, but I enjoyed the exchange immensely. However, cannot agree with you about the outcome being pre-determined in any other way except a bad game of 'dirty pool!'

  • Re: Oh Boy!...Wayne Sanderson, Sun Jun 05 15:06
    Don't forget how the McLaury brother with the law degree showed up and insinuated himself into the ongoing hearing on the prosecution side and damn near hijacked the whole side's case. What I said about... more
    • So you must recognize my sympathy is with Ike ... — Joyce A. Aros, Sun Jun 05 16:38
      • Re: So you must recognize my sympathy is with Ike ...Wayne Sanderson, Sun Jun 05 16:46
        As I said before, this was a badly mishandled preliminary hearing on the government's part. They showed their entire hand and allowed things to be examined and refuted that should have never been heard... more