Wyatt's exciting descriptions of his amazing adventures?
Wed Jun 08, 6:48

Joyce, I think that most of your historical perspectives however unusual, are usually well thought out and most bring a much-needed historical balance to the Earp-Cowboy feud.

However, this particular perspective has really baffled me:
"exciting descriptions of his amazing adventures"

Wyatt's brother Morgan was shot in the back by cowards whom Wyatt wanted accountability for.

Do you really believe that Wyatt's goal was seeking:
"exciting amazing adventures"?

  • As usual...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Jun 04 6:31
    ...I am having a difficult time with Wyatt's exciting descriptions of his amazing adventures. He describes almost every part of his clothing riddled with buckshot yet does not sustain a flesh wound.... more
    • Re: As usual...Bob Cash, Wed Jul 20 8:51
      Joyce, you are bound to know that at least a couple of the cowboy-reorted versions of the fight that say Wyatt did not kill Curly in the battle also confirm that Wyatt stood his ground and exchanged gunfire... more
      • Bob/ as usual...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jul 20 10:26
        Hello Bob, I have to admit it has been some time since I waded through the Curly Bill at the creek episode so might have to do a little digging soon. But what I am referring to is from memory...not a strong... more
    • Wyatt's exciting descriptions of his amazing adventures? — B.J., Wed Jun 08 6:48
      • BJ/Well...maybe not on that one!...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jun 08 7:25
        ...however, so as not to disappoint you, I think I was talking about a recent re-read of Wyatt's Hearing testimony. To me it sounds quite juvenile; much like a teen-age boy trying to cover for getting... more
        • Re: BJ/Well...maybe not on that one!...B.J., Thu Jun 09 16:27
          Joyce, according to the late Jeanne Cason who used to post on this forum, Wyatt was not much for conversation. She speculated that Wyatt was either unable or unwilling engage in any indepth conversation... more
          • BJ/you make a good point and I...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Jun 09 18:03
            ...have no trouble believing Jeanne Cason in this regard. I don't know how she arrived at that observation, whether by personal experience or connections to people who knew Wyatt, and I don't know the... more
            • BJ/to make life a little easier...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jun 10 5:23
              ...I decided to quote Wyatt's particular section I had referred to as the testimony is lengthy and it may be time consuming for you to find it, as I usually have to read a whole lot to find something I... more
        • speaking of accountability...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Jun 08 7:54
          ...Where is the accountability for shooting down a young cowboy who put out his hands in front of him and asked not to be shot? Where's the accountability for the admission of three Earps firing at the... more