Joyce A. Aros
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Thu Jun 09, 18:03

...have no trouble believing Jeanne Cason in this regard. I don't know how she arrived at that observation, whether by personal experience or connections to people who knew Wyatt, and I don't know the lady, or rather, did not know her though the name is familiar so I cannot question her knowledge or integrity, nor would I want to.

So I can only offer what I surmise from reading the testimony and various comments in other publications about him. It may well be he was not a talker, but if his lawyer wrote it for him by some dictation, I'd have to say neither one was too bright! I am no lightbulb, believe me, but I can reason that a lawyer should not be supporting his client in writing down testimony that in part amounts to unsupported gossip and hearsay.

To cut a long story short, Wyatt relates how he is satisfied that he has been informed that the men with whom he had a part in killing were part of a bunch of thugs and then he lists all these people who have assured him that it is so. But the information has no support, no backing what-so-ever,so it is just a bunch of gossip! And the lawyer is supposed to be supporting this travesty? ..and the judge is certainly finding no fault with it. I realize Wyatt cannot be questioned and that was perfectly legal, but his lawyer should have later offered some backing for such statements by presenting at least two or three of the gossipers, especially if he okayed the whole thing.

This is just one of many instances that comes to mind and as I have already written a book about it I don't want to laden you with a book-sized comment here.

So I can see this particular attorney writing a juvenile document if he approved of the wording put forth in this written testimony.

I can relate several places in Wyatt's testimony that are quite questionable, to put it in a nice way. His account of the branding iron and the mules at the Patterson ranch as well as his story about running into Lt.Hurst in Tombstone and Hurst telling him to watch out for the ranchers is another.

But I can get quite windy, as you know, so that's just one example off the top of my head that makes me wonder if his attorney was any better than those sloppy prosecutors were.

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