Joyce A. Aros
BJ/to make life a little easier...
Fri Jun 10, 5:23

...I decided to quote Wyatt's particular section I had referred to as the testimony is lengthy and it may be time consuming for you to find it, as I usually have to read a whole lot to find something I am looking for.

Here is Wyatt's exact statement as written by him or his lawyer: "...Before this and after this, Marshal Williams, Farmer Daly, Ed Barnes, Old Man Urrides, Charley Smith and three or four others had told us at different times of threats to kill us, by Ike Clanton, Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, Joe Hill, and John Ringo. I knew all these men were dangerous and desperate men, that they were connected with outlaws, cattle thieves, robbers and murderers. I knew of the McLaurys stealing six government mules, and also cattle, and when the owners went after them finding his stock on the McLaury ranch; that he was drove off and told that if he ever said anything about it, he would be killed, and he kept his mouth shut until several days ago, for fear of being killed..."

Aside from the poor grammar which I attribute to Wyatt, should we really believe a Defense lawyer would back up or approve such a vague and unsubstantiated statement in court? This is just one isolated piece as a sample of the silly things Wyatt got away with in court because there was no challenge. Where were these people who told him all this stuff? How does anyone know ANY of it was said? Why were they never presented? Is the court supposed to just accept Wyatt's word for all this without question and are three men's lives sacrificed because of this idiotic babble? Can any of these allegations be proven? Apparently not.

I am not trying to be arrogant here; merely to give an example of why I question the Earps' accounts when so many are willing to accept whatever they say. They make a lot of accusations and yet they are never asked to back it up; but if someone from the 'other side' says something, it is immediately questioned and even ridiculed.

I could go on extensively through Wyatt's statements, but I think I have made my point. If anyone wants to wade through more of this stuff, they can read my book, 'Vantage Point.' Try not to fall asleep!

BJ, thank you for your patience and raising good questions which I think need to be addressed.

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