Sharon Cunningham
Sun Jun 26, 23:07

Mike, there's another, the Str. ARABIA: "The Steamboat Arabia sank to the bottom of the Missouri River in 1856 [near Kansas City]. Its artifacts were unearthed 32 years ago...."
This one's cargo was unearthed from yet another cornfield by the Hawley Family of Kansas City, where the Arabia Museum is located...
I have Switzer's book, Mike, and the Hawley's wrote about their finding and excavating the Arabia, but danged if I can find my copy. Anyway, check her out online; both good stories. I love steamboats as well as the Old, Wild West.
Thanks, Mike.

  • Bertrand Recommended ReadingMike Mihaljevich, Sun Jun 26 21:09
    Sharon, if the Bertrand is of interest to you, check out the book “ The Steamboat Bertrand and Missouri River Commerce” by Ronald Switzer.
    • Str. BERTRAND — Sharon Cunningham, Sun Jun 26 23:07