Joyce A. Aros
So much to wade through...
Mon Jun 27, 8:19

...and so many interesting people tp learn about! But then, when you stop and think a little, isn't it intriguing, in a way, that each and every one of these men were destined to accomplish great things? It was the time for it; they were there, the red carpet was rolled out, and they could do no other because the opportunities were just waiting for the next man. And they were 'the next man.'

I never miss a chance to steal a little of Wyatt Earp's thunder. When you 'fall into a bucket full of you-know-what and come out smelling like a rose'...well, you can't claim the glory as your own. Time and chance befall us all and Wyatt could not seem to avoid the silver raindrops that kept falling on his head; however, he was never the cause, only the recipient. And as he was not the brightest kid on the block, I assume he became a good listener, thus giving the impression he knew what was going on.

There was almost no way for Earp to miss association with all theses dynamic men (who probably didn't know they were such, as yet) as the frontier was flooded with them.

Just my usual musings when reading about Wonder Wyatt!

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    • So much to wade through... — Joyce A. Aros, Mon Jun 27 8:19
    • Earp, but also STEAMBOATS!Sharon Cunningham, Sun Jun 26 12:28
      BOB, thanks for posting HistoryNet's stories about Earps. Messin' about on it's site, I found the coverage of the excavation of the Str. BERTRAND from the Missouri River! Good stuff, my Friend. Sh... more
      • Bertrand Recommended ReadingMike Mihaljevich, Sun Jun 26 21:09
        Sharon, if the Bertrand is of interest to you, check out the book “ The Steamboat Bertrand and Missouri River Commerce” by Ronald Switzer.
        • Str. BERTRANDSharon Cunningham, Sun Jun 26 23:07
          Mike, there's another, the Str. ARABIA: "The Steamboat Arabia sank to the bottom of the Missouri River in 1856 [near Kansas City]. Its artifacts were unearthed 32 years ago...." This one's cargo was unearthed... more
    • An invaluable resource!Sarah Stegall, Sun Jun 26 1:17
      Thank you for posting this! A lovely list of names to become characters in my Wyatt stories. :D All in one handy roundup.