Tom Gaumer
Quality of the lawyers work in Spicer
Thu Jul 14, 13:43

Howdy Steve

How would you assess the quality of the lawyers in the Spicer Hearing?

How often when reading the hearing do you ask yourself "Why didn't they ask that? "Why didn't they follow up with this?"
Why didn't they call this witness?

Even tho they couldn't ask Wyatt anything, why not ask Virgil some of the questions you can't ask Wyatt and try for a contradiction? If you don't get any what have you lost? If you do get some could you not suggest all of Wyatt's statement should be thrown out or Virgil should be a suspiccious witness

Maybe call Kehoe and Behan back and ask them to carefully review their testimony as Behan did not mention Keefe the first time through. Let both of them sit in court during this process and get ready for the problem or problems in their testimony.

Overall would you point to this case as an example of great lawyering? On a 1 to 10 basis with 10 being great. how would you rate the lawyers work as opposed to average modeern lawyers.

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    • Quality of the lawyers work in Spicer — Tom Gaumer, Thu Jul 14 13:43
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