Joyce A. Aros
BJ/ that is the $64,000 question...
Fri Jul 15, 7:06

...However, Ike did not actually claim the Earps and Holliday did the job. He was asked pre-planned questions which described all the events and he simply answered as to what the Earps and Holliday told him. He did not claim or accuse. Read the Defense lawyers questions; they are a fishing expedition and Ike stood up to them quite well.

Your asking Ike to prove the money was not pursued by the authorities therefore he made it up. The stage was attacked, the money remained an unanswered mystery, but Ike only related what Holliday and then Wyatt and Morgan approached him about. That is not a lie simply because it is Ike Clanton. There are ridiculous assumptions in the questions put forth by the Defense lawyer and Ike handled them well, even admitting some things he didn't need to because cowboys (ranchers, working cowhands, ect. for clarification) rarely are unwilling to back up their mouths. It's a requirement on the frontier for the safety of everybody in an unsafe environment.

You may choose to believe Ike made the whole thing up as an accusation, but there needs to be some logic applied here. The interesting thing is that Holliday was the first to approach Ike on the subject and Ike rejected it. If Ike had known anything about the situation before that, he said nothing. Though Kate Elder's accusation of Holliday has been pooh-poohed, never-the-less, he was charged. No court authority or judge would allow an inebriated woman to sign a formal complaint. She had to be sober when she did it, they took it seriously, and Virgil dispatched her pretty quickly.

And where did Kate get such information? She wasn't on the stage! Was it not more likely that the ever-inebriated Holliday shot off his mouth to her and she decided that was more than she bargained for? Where did she get the nerve to take such a risk? Again, she had to be SOBER to file a complaint and be taken seriously!

There is a lot more under the surface than the poor clown act of that Defense lawyer.

  • Joyce, if Ike's claim the Earp's were 'piping off" money (from the Benson stage robbery attempt) was true, why was there no evidence of an actual robbery and no reports of missing money?
    • BJ/ that is the $64,000 question... — Joyce A. Aros, Fri Jul 15 7:06