Joyce A. Aros
Bob/ as usual...
Wed Jul 20, 10:26

Hello Bob, I have to admit it has been some time since I waded through the Curly Bill at the creek episode so might have to do a little digging soon. But what I am referring to is from memory...not a strong suit at my age but that has never reined me in much.

Of course, I do not accept the report that Wyatt killed Curly Bill in that incident and for all of us, there is not enough evidence to say nay or yea. That leaves us with guesswork.

But from what I recall of the action involving Wyatt's efforts, I find it stretched a little. If he actually stood his ground exchanging gunfire with the cowboys as he described, I cannot understand how he held on to his horse and remained solid in place. Horses are nervous wrecks and its the rare animal that will stand by its rider while he is shooting off his gun and apparently numerous shells are whistling around its ears! If they were shooting directly in Wyatt's spot and he still had the horse...common sense says if Wyatt didn't let go of the horse he had to be in for the dragging of his life, because that animal is not going to stay put.

How not one o0f all those shells didn't hit the horse, supposedly still held by Wyatt, is extremely6 hard to believe. I think it was a colourful account and Wyatt's equally colourful account5s in his testimony suggest a consistency!

A steel vest? In the desert? and without knowing that it would be a requirement for survival? I wonder how often he wore such a smashing outfit.

What was Bat Masterson's account of the episode you refer to? I would like to read that. What fool, on the frontier, pushes horses to the breaking point like that? Only the ignorance of a city fellow but these men had been around long enough to know the horse is your life-line in Apache or desert country. No one of the time, not even Wyatt Earp could be that stupid. If the horses were that exhausted to the point of death that means they were not given water or time to feed. If so, the men were in the same shape because they had no rest either. They could not possibly have walked 18 miles after such an ordeal.

Silly post? I am talking about a man who has demonstrated his desire to do almost no actual work to make a living, and probably before he turned 21! Pimping is easier than physical labour; gambling is easier than physical labour; mooching off other people does not suggest a young man of character who finds it nothing to cross the plains by wagon train and drive freight wagons...which I doubt.

You have got to be pulling my chain once again!

But I do appreciate your concern over my comfort in this hot zone. Just got a hip replaced and am using walker to hobble from one cooler to the next. Needless to say, it makes me cranky! But I appreciate your offering me a chance to blow off steam. It distacts me from the weather. Stay cool!!!!

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    Joyce, you are bound to know that at least a couple of the cowboy-reorted versions of the fight that say Wyatt did not kill Curly in the battle also confirm that Wyatt stood his ground and exchanged gunfire... more
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