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Thu Jul 21, 8:51

Jones, I believe you misread Coleman's testimony about Billy Clanton. From Turner transcript "I was not in a position to see whether they threw their hands up or not when ordered, but was just in the act of turning. I could not have seen whether they threw up their hands or not, except Billy Clanton. Billy Clanton had his hand on his pistol which was in the scabbard. His hand was on his left hip, as if in the act of drawing. This was after the first two shots were fired."

What I get from this is Coleman did not see anybody raise their hands, and that further, he believed he only would have been able to see Billy Clanton from his line of vision. When the first two shots were fired, he looked and saw Billy Clanton in the act of drawing. I suppose it is possible for Billy to have raised his arms and then went for his pistol after the first two shots. At least one of the prosecution witnesses said after the first two shots Billy was holding his hands up and said, "Don't shoot me. I don't want to fight".

Also according to the prosecution witnesses in the Spicer hearing, Billy was hit by one of the first two shots, was grabbing his stomach or his chest as he fell backwards toward the wall of the Harwood house and did not geta shot off until the Earps had fired 7 or 8 shots. Coleman and Lucas testified they thought Billy fired several shots before he was wounded .

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    Not a lawyer! I expect one of the most important accepts of the hearing is what the cowboys did with their hands and who fired the first shots. Looks to me like Wyatt and Virgil are the most beneficial... more
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          I received several messages asking about the above topic. Many readers were not on this board many years ago when Nick had a very public meltdown after some professional historians confronted him per his... more
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            That totally happened!
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              Hey Erik, always good to hear from you. You’re one of the few historians who remember those twilight zone days of tombstone history. Ya can’t make this stuff up. A lot of macabre tombstone behavior... more
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                And YOU tamed it! A lot of old names not on the board anymore. A lot of new ones though. The old west lives on. Well done, BJ!
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                  I just do the cleaning up and occasionally flush the toilet. The many historians who take time to share their research and publications are the people who have made this board historically significant.... more
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        Yes sir. You are correct. I put the post together from memory and notes. Should have put a caveat with it. When evaluating Coleman's testimony it's important to keep in mind that after the first... more
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      ...Quite a piece of work and well done. I will try to examine them logically from the top if I can. I really appreciate so much thought being put into your effort. I hope I can decipher some of it as... more