Sharon Cunningham
THAT probably IS Nick's homework, Mom! (nm)
Fri Jul 22, 6:17

    • THAT probably IS Nick's homework, Mom! (nm) — Sharon Cunningham, Fri Jul 22 6:17
      • Nick’s Mother….B.J., Thu Jul 28 20:54
        I received several messages asking about the above topic. Many readers were not on this board many years ago when Nick had a very public meltdown after some professional historians confronted him per his... more
        • NiteAl....erik hewitt, Sun Aug 07 20:30
          That totally happened!
          • Re: NiteAl....B.J., Mon Aug 08 3:23
            Hey Erik, always good to hear from you. You’re one of the few historians who remember those twilight zone days of tombstone history. Ya can’t make this stuff up. A lot of macabre tombstone behavior... more
            • It was wild as the Old West!erik hewitt, Tue Aug 09 17:45
              And YOU tamed it! A lot of old names not on the board anymore. A lot of new ones though. The old west lives on. Well done, BJ!
              • Re: It was wild as the Old West!B.J., Thu Aug 11 2:04
                I just do the cleaning up and occasionally flush the toilet. The many historians who take time to share their research and publications are the people who have made this board historically significant.... more