Sarah Stegall
Fiery Doc
Sat Jul 23, 11:55

While I enjoy Val Kilmer’s cool Doc Holliday , I thought Dennis Quaid and Kirk Douglas brought Doc’s fiery temper into their portrayals. That’s a matter of the script, not the actor. I adore Val Kilmer, but Quaid had a better script.

Of course, it’s hardly a fair question, since no matter who’s playing him, Doc *always* steals the show.

  • Who Played Doc Holliday Best?B.J., Mon Apr 25 23:34
    • Fiery Doc — Sarah Stegall, Sat Jul 23 11:55
    • Depends.olds, Sun May 01 18:25
      I suspect that the division of opinion pretty much breaks down along two lines of thinking. If what you are after from the performance is some semblance of historical accuracy/authenticity, then perhaps... more
    • Re: Who Played Doc Holliday Best?Dan Brown, Sun May 01 12:11
      Val Kilmer, Dennis Quaid and...Kirk Douglas. I always enjoyed his performance. And last, Victor Mature.
    • With bias and ignorance…Karen M, Wed Apr 27 11:25
      I have to say Val Kilmer. Having said that - I have a nearly unhealthy affinity for “Tombstone” and the only other movie I’ve watched was “Wyatt Earp” where Dennis Quaid did the honours (and I’ve never... more
      • Re: With bias and ignorance…Bob Cash, Fri Apr 29 14:43
        I have always thought Dennis Quaid's Doc was the most authentic because, as pointed out by Karen M., "...the real Doc had more fire behind his temper when it flared, and he had a polarizing effect on people."... more
        • Quaid’s resemblance to DocWayne Sanderson, Fri Apr 29 21:30
          If you look at Dennis Quaid when he costarred in The Long Riders and put him beside John Henry Holliday’s dental school graduation photo, you’ll see that Dennis Quaid, at a similar age VERY closely resembled... more
          • Not JackSarah Stegall, Sat Jul 23 11:52
            While I respect Jack Quaid as an actor, I don’t see in him the combination of despair and recklessness that characterized John Henry Holliday.
        • Bob/ bias and...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Apr 29 15:00
          ...I agree with your appreciation of Dennis Quaid's portrayal. I've never seen Doc as a rogue charmer as many might like to envision him. I really find him thoroughly unlikable and I think he had a hard... more
      • DocSharon Cunningham, Thu Apr 28 6:08
        Karen, I totally agree with your choice of Val Kilmer. He should have been given an Oscar for his performance... alas... Hollywood. I couldn't get thru "Wyatt Earp," either... much too long. Shar... more