Mike Mihaljevich
Sat Jul 23, 21:31

There’s no need to try to correct her on your first point. Tombstone did in fact go to great lengths to preserve the period look. In fact a massive plan was rolled out 50 years ago that restored the period look in several stages that took several decades. The plan included identifying historic structures that were still standing, creating a historic district and a set of rules about building appearances, and compiled as many historic photographs from the period from which to work. They enlisted architects, urban planners and engineers to formulate the plan and execute it. The cost was several million dollars and they published it in book form (I have a copy). Having done extensive property research on Tombstone using original deeds and property records, I can tell you there are more original structures standing than you seem to be aware of, and as I have stated the town absolutely went to great lengths to preserve the period look as Victoria states. As for your points 2 and 3, I think your over reaching.

  • Oh dearSarah Stegall, Sat Jul 23 11:15
    1. She states that Tombstone has gone to a lot of trouble to preserve the way the town looked back in the day. In fact, Tombstone burned almost to the ground after the Gunfight, so almost nothing there... more
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