Randolph W. Farmer
Thu Jul 28, 11:23

Wyatt was just getting in line. Lots of people claimed to have killed John Ringo. After all, pulp fiction was profitable back then. The old timers, though, especially the ones that served on Ringo’s inquest, said to the end of their days that his death was a suicide.

  • Curly BillRoy B Young, Thu Jul 28 7:44
    Exactly, Bob. Further evidence (though minimal) that Wyatt did not kill Curly Bill any more than he killed John Ringo, both of which he erroneously claimed.
    • Yup — Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Jul 28 11:23
      • Re: YupB.J., Thu Jul 28 20:29
        Years ago, one legal historian said the reason Ringo’s death was on the spot ruled a suicide was to avoid having to transport his rotting body back to Tombstone for an autopsy. As a native Arizonan... more
        • HistoryRandolph W. Farmer, Sat Jul 30 8:00
          Are you working on your Masters in History? If so, good for you! Speaking of, here’s a recent review of my latest book, courtesy of Midwest Book Review: https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C4D2DA... more
          • Re: HistoryB.J., Thu Aug 11 20:37
            Yes, about 70% completed. Something I learned during my history research and also from other Historians: The history legends are an important part of history. This would include movies, books and... more
            • Interesting theoryRandolph. W. Farmer, Fri Aug 12 4:23
              Sounds like a thesis! Or at least an article to build up the old CV. Hopefully I’ll get to read your thesis someday. The intersection of folklore and history or something like that; I confess it’s beyond... more
              • Re: Interesting theoryB.J., Sat Aug 13 15:42
                Thanks Randolph. However, I decided not to write a thesis. I am taking an extra two graduate level classes including writing a series of research papers on various history topics. Tombstone History is... more