Peter Love
Re: Re: Curly Bill
Thu Jul 28, 2022 17:15

Thanks Bob, I’m doing okay. I was just browsing again and this one stood out. I imagine it has been seen by everyone who has an interest in him.

Point taken, but I thought it might have at least been possible. It was ten years later, Curly if alive would no longer be worried about that charge. The whole of Arizona only had a population of about 50,000 over a wide area. The item suggests this guy got around and was not exactly law-abiding.

It would be interesting to know of any other records of this guy who joined the Salvation Army and was a political stirrer.


  • Re: Curly BillBob Cash, Thu Jul 28 2022 9:28
    Think about it, Peter. Even into the '90s any alleged sighting of the Curly Bill the Cowboy kingpin got lots of press and speculation. This incident got one article, did not identify him as Tombstone's... more
    • Re: Re: Curly Bill — Peter Love, Thu Jul 28 2022 17:15