Peter Love
Great stuff
Thu Jul 28, 16:26


Must have another look at your book. I had been hoping for some more developments on this old debate. I still doubt the story that Wyatt killed him by shotgun in a fluke encounter. Of all the cowboys and others they could have run into it just had to be Curly Bill. And by Wyatt the only one who could claim he was a lawman I believe.

  • Well surprise,surprise.Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Jul 28 10:47
    Curly Bill was sighted off and on in Arizona by people who knew him, long after his alleged death in 1882. By late 1882 he could literally walk from his house to the railroad depot in Paris, Texas and... more
    • Great stuff — Peter Love, Thu Jul 28 16:26
      • Curly Bill referencesRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Jul 29 7:21
        If you can get ahold of a copy of Curly Bill: Horse Thief, Cattle Dealer, Murderer, Lawman: 1858-1909, you can find the primary references I used by checking the footnotes. Page 134"Lorenzo Walters... more