Randolph W. Farmer
Sat Jul 30, 8:00

Are you working on your Masters in History? If so, good for you! Speaking of, here’s a recent review of my latest book, courtesy of Midwest Book Review: https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C4D2DAQEex3pbc2i2rQ/profile-treasury-image-shrink_800_800/0/1642127831048?e=1659798000&v=beta&t=8FAaaaQJgil0rlyAOJLtq9rUosIMN7KlyikOjZAprQI

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    Years ago, one legal historian said the reason Ringo’s death was on the spot ruled a suicide was to avoid having to transport his rotting body back to Tombstone for an autopsy. As a native Arizonan... more
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        Yes, about 70% completed. Something I learned during my history research and also from other Historians: The history legends are an important part of history. This would include movies, books and... more
        • Interesting theoryRandolph. W. Farmer, Fri Aug 12 4:23
          Sounds like a thesis! Or at least an article to build up the old CV. Hopefully I’ll get to read your thesis someday. The intersection of folklore and history or something like that; I confess it’s beyond... more