New books
Sat Jul 30, 10:12

Where can I buy your new books on Billy and Newton Earp ?


  • New BooksRoy B Young, Tue Jul 05 9:11
    I realize we don't advertise books for sale on this site, and I totally agree. I will mention that at the WWHA Roundup, July 20-23 in Rapid City-Deadwood, my new books on Newton Earp and Billy the Kid... more
    • New books — Armand, Sat Jul 30 10:12
      • Newton Earp and Billy the Kid booksRoy B Young, Sat Jul 30 11:53
        Thanks for asking! The new Earp book, "Newton Jasper Earp, Mystery Brother of the Famous 'Fighting Earps'" will be available via ABE books,, and other sites starting tomorrow. Or, you... more
        • New booksArmand, Sat Jul 30 18:06
          Thank You Armand
    • Re: New BooksB.J., Tue Jul 05 11:59
      Hey Roy, the mission of this forum since it’s launch April 6th, 1999, is to promote old west history, Tombstone history and our many historians and writers. There is absolutely no problem advertising... more
      • Thank You BJRoy B Young, Tue Jul 05 12:08
        BJ, my mistake; so many forums and Facebook pages request no sales, I was thinking it was your policy, too. The Newton Earp book and the Billy the Kid--Frank Stewart book will each be premiered at... more