Joyce A. Aros
Bob, refer to my 'clear up my garble' postt...
Tue Aug 02, 17:28

...and maybe I will make more sense.

There seem to be several differing accounts of Slaughter's recognizing Holliday and I have not heard anything anywhere about Ike Clanton following him to rob him. It sounds preposterous when you reason out Ike's position. He was not poverty stricken nor was he a petty thief. He shared a mercantile business and extended produce production with Ringo, he inherited a ranch (he and Billy) from his father, he also owned a ranch in the Sulphur Springs Valley, he is listed as obtaining a permit to transfer cattle bought in New Mexico into Arizona, as well as other cattle sales that were American beef. I hardly think the man needed to take a chance following John Slaughter at night to try to pick his pockets! Sheez!

Frank Vaughn was a man of considerable reputation and accomplishments and if the accounts he gave about the Benson stage attempt were recorded years later, that is not a reason to reject his statements. How much later on did Wyatt Earp share all his accomplishments and yet the adoration never stops. No one has ever put him in a position to prove it. He could say anything at any time!

WE can never prove without a doubt some of the things we have read and heard about. That is a given. But when men of some stature of character all relate corresponding accounts of a certain event, even if their personal opinion creeps in a little, there is pretty good reason to feel comfortable with it. Applying a little logic and reason helps to find some answers that make sense.

As for your last line, circumstantial evidence is often reliable enough to pursue a matter rather than say something stupid like "...not EVEN a suspicion!..." The DA needed to go back to school!

  • Re: Hi Bob/ no argument there, but...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 02 14:39
    Joyce, you state: " concern was that the DA , Price, sloughed it off so casually. His references to witnesses that were not named bother me. Even though we now understand that testimony or reference... more
    • Bob, refer to my 'clear up my garble' postt... — Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 02 17:28
      • Where did Vaughn's accounts appear and when?
        • Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 03 8:57
          ...Frank Vaughn is an interesting man, apparently. His record as an Arizona pioneer at a time when everyday life became an opportunity for greater things for almost everyone who wanted to progress is a... more
          • Re: Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....Bob Cash, Fri Aug 05 12:33
            I find nothing in my research of Frank Vaughn to suggest he was anything but an upstanding citizen. However, as I pointed out in a previous post, many "eyewitnesses" of Tombstone events apparently related... more
            • Not only Vaughn...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 06 4:30
              Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip "...not even a suspicion..." It appears that even with substantial... more
              • Re: Not only Vaughn...Bob Cash, Fri Aug 12 15:28
                "Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip '...not even a suspicion...' It appears that even with substantial... more
                • Bob, darned if we aren't going to...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 16 13:42
                  ...disagree again! I hope I am not being terribly obstinate, but my sense of fair play does extend to the cowboys a little more than those sleazy Earps. You might find I have little respect for the... more
                  • Re: Bob, darned if we aren't going to...Bob Cash, Sat Aug 20 15:09
                    First of all, Joyce, I am 72, so I am not and hve not accused anybody of dementia. I am saying that 40 or 50 years after an event memories can get hazy and they can become ultra-sharp, even remembering... more
                    • Well, shucks!...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 20 16:50
             put up a good argument and I didn't mean to suggest you accused anyone of dementia; just that youngsters often view us as on the verge. I can't argue with you on this particular presentation; I... more
                      • Shucks...sharon Cunningham, Tue Aug 23 7:32
                        Just give yourself 8 more years and you'll be defensive!!