Tom Gaumer
Holliday is mentioned as the man chasing Slaughter
Tue Aug 02, 17:41


on page 181 of Bechdolts book. When the West was Young.

Bechdolt also says this was on the night after the attack on the Benson bound coach.

Mr. and Mrs. John Slaughter are listed under acknowledgments."

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Tom Gaumer

  • Bob/ just to clear up my garble...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 02 7:08
    ...We are talking about the District Attorney questioning witnesses on or about July 9, 1881, not 40 years later. His conclusion, after interviewing men such as Frank Vaughn and John Slaughter, that "...there... more
    • Holliday is mentioned as the man chasing Slaughter — Tom Gaumer, Tue Aug 02 17:41
      • Does it seem plausable to you that Doc would try to rob Slaughter just after attempting to rob the stage, while riding one of the best known horses in the county?
        • According to BechdoltTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 02 23:20
          Bob It was not just after the stage attack but 24 hours later. Bechdolt also says this, "Knew his bronco as soon as I saw that blazed face show," John Slaughter said in explanation of his quick... more