Bob Cash
Re: Bob, refer to my 'clear up my garble' postt...
Tue Aug 02, 22:07

Where did Vaughn's accounts appear and when?

  • Bob, refer to my 'clear up my garble' postt...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 02 17:28
    ...and maybe I will make more sense. There seem to be several differing accounts of Slaughter's recognizing Holliday and I have not heard anything anywhere about Ike Clanton following him to rob... more
    • Re: Bob, refer to my 'clear up my garble' postt... — Bob Cash, Tue Aug 02 22:07
      • Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 03 8:57
        ...Frank Vaughn is an interesting man, apparently. His record as an Arizona pioneer at a time when everyday life became an opportunity for greater things for almost everyone who wanted to progress is a... more
        • Re: Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....Bob Cash, Fri Aug 05 12:33
          I find nothing in my research of Frank Vaughn to suggest he was anything but an upstanding citizen. However, as I pointed out in a previous post, many "eyewitnesses" of Tombstone events apparently related... more
          • Not only Vaughn...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 06 4:30
            Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip "...not even a suspicion..." It appears that even with substantial... more