Re: BJ/ off script?
Fri Aug 05, 2:00

Joyce, do you really believe that Ike chose to provide testimony without being advised and prepped by the prosecution attorney’s?

I think you're taking “off-script” a little too literally.

You don’t assess any devolution of Ike’s initial testimony compared to his cross examination by the defense?

  • BJ/ off script?Joyce A. Aros, Thu Aug 04 6:29
    Ike's testimony, according to my reading ability, consisted of questions from the Defense and direct answers from the witness, Ike Clanton. I am not aware of a written script referred to; fill me in on... more
    • Re: BJ/ off script? — B.J., Fri Aug 05 2:00
      • BJ/ you are quite right...Joyce A. Aros, Fri Aug 05 5:31
        I did take your comment too literally, but I wanted to make clear how badly the Prosecution lawyers handled the whole presentation. My newest book out is an extension of Turner's examination of the... more