Joyce A. Aros
Not only Vaughn...
Sat Aug 06, 4:30

Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip "...not even a suspicion..." It appears that even with substantial circumstantial support regarding Holliday's involvement, the DA was not interested in pursuing the matter.

Regarding Ike's testimony, was he directly asked about if he and the McLaurys had been witnesses?

And why does Doc's approaching Ike about his concern over the whereabouts of his associates come off as 'an unbelievable story?' Doc drank and Doc was worried and he apparently talked too much.

It goes without saying at this point that the Prosecution attorneys were asleep at the switch. If, in going over testimony, you were to just follow the lack of input on the side of those attorneys, you might get a little different picture.

So it seems there are no answers as witness testimony cannot be trusted so there was really no point in having a Hearing. That leaves us with nothing to talk about.

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    • Not only Vaughn... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 06 4:30