erik hewitt
DeArment's Bat book
Sun Aug 07, 2022 20:22

If DeArment's timeline of Bat's adventures are correct, Wyatt did a lot of lying.

Wyatt wasn't a buff hunter in '72. Wyatt didn't stand down Ben Thompson, Wyatt and Morgan didn't bump into Wild Bill in Deadwood... and I'm only on Chapter Two.

  • Roger Jay didn't believe it to be true...DL Staley, Sat Jul 30 2022 7:47
    • Thx! (nm)erik hewitt, Sat Aug 13 2022 18:06
    • DeArment's Bat book — erik hewitt, Sun Aug 07 2022 20:22
      • Re: DeArment's Bat bookB.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 15:28
        Some events attributed to Wyatt Earp "standing down" Ben Thompson more probably was inflated by various writers. I have never seen any evidence of this claim. ... more
      • Re: DeArment's Bat bookBob Cash, Wed Aug 10 2022 6:42
        Robert DeArment's BAT MASTERSON was one of the first biographies of a Old West character that was rigorously researched. using as many primary sources as available at the time, and with sources footnoted.... more
        • DeArment's Bat bookerik hewitt, Sat Aug 13 2022 17:27
          Hey, Bob! About 1/5 (my guess) of the book are contemporary news articles, personal letters, etc. I couldn't agree more, this is the correct way to put a "History of..." together. And it's a VERY... more
        • Very true, and...DL Staley, Wed Aug 10 2022 7:10
          Gunfighter in Gotham is a fantastic read.
          • Re: Very true, and...Pam Potter, Thu Aug 11 2022 19:52
            I don't believe that was a very popular book but I too enjoyed it.
            • Frankie:)erik hewitt, Thu Aug 11 2022 21:01
              Back to the DeArment book. The Clay Allison trees Dodge City incident is very cleverly displayed for what it was and what is wasn't! Pam!!!! How are you?
              • Re: Frankie:)Pam Potter, Fri Aug 12 2022 4:24
                Long time no "see". Ah the good old days. Every time I see your name I remember the post about a sandwich or something? :)
                • Re: Re: Frankie:)erik hewitt, Fri Aug 12 2022 16:51
                  Nice to see you again too! The Ham and Cheese manuscript? You still down in SOCAL? I live up near SF now.
                  • Pam Potter: aka "Frankie" (nm)B.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 14:44
                    • SobriquetPam Potter, Sun Aug 14 2022 6:49
                      I miss the days of the sobriquet. There were some fun and interesting pen names.
                      • Re: SobriquetB.J., Sun Aug 14 2022 16:34
                        Frankie, remember when B.J. Hurst ordered you to return the mules? LOL
                  • Re: Re: Re: Frankie:)Pam Potter, Fri Aug 12 2022 18:39
                    Yes, ham and cheese. I got sick of Cali and moved to Texas.