Re: History
Thu Aug 11, 2022 21:37

Yes, about 70% completed.

Something I learned during my history research and also from other Historians: The history legends are an important part of history.

This would include movies, books and articles. It would also include old west tales and oral generational history from old timers.

One great example of the above: Kurt Russell's Tombstone Movie. Something I learned from my friend Jeff Morey and others, although Tombstone was not totally accurate, it had a lot of authenticity and feel of 1880's period Tombstone.

  • HistoryRandolph W. Farmer, Sat Jul 30 2022 9:00
    Are you working on your Masters in History? If so, good for you! Speaking of, here’s a recent review of my latest book, courtesy of Midwest Book Review: https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C4D2DA... more
    • Re: History — B.J., Thu Aug 11 2022 21:37
      • Interesting theoryRandolph. W. Farmer, Fri Aug 12 2022 5:23
        Sounds like a thesis! Or at least an article to build up the old CV. Hopefully I’ll get to read your thesis someday. The intersection of folklore and history or something like that; I confess it’s beyond... more
        • Re: Interesting theoryB.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 16:42
          Thanks Randolph. However, I decided not to write a thesis. I am taking an extra two graduate level classes including writing a series of research papers on various history topics. Tombstone History is... more