Bob Cash
Re: Bob, darned if we aren't going to...
Sat Aug 20, 15:09

First of all, Joyce, I am 72, so I am not and hve not accused anybody of dementia. I am saying that 40 or 50 years after an event memories can get hazy and they can become ultra-sharp, even remembering things that didn't exactly happen that way. I usedthe example of Melvin Jons and Judge Hancock, both respected pioneers, who had diamerically opposed memories of who Bill Graham was and the both claimed to know him. John Plesant Gray, Latigo Carmichael, and one of the Goodrich brothers had clear memories os witnessing the October 26th street fight at the Fremont street entrance to the O.K. Corral. Maybe some dementia, some clear memories (Judge Hancock), some faulty memories, maybe based on misunderstandings of the facts when the events occurred, some getting revenge on percieved enemies, some just wanting to put themselves in the middle of impotant events.

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          Just give yourself 8 more years and you'll be defensive!!