Joyce A. Aros
Doc's antics...
Wed Aug 31, 11:28

Hello Bruce,
We have some information but incomplete.

Frank Vaughn stated in his memoires that the night of the Benson stage attempt, he and another fellow were stringing telephone lines out at Drew's station. As the stage passed, they heard a rifle shot and a minute or two later saw Holliday riding fast toward Tombstone with a rifle across his saddle.

Shortly after others heard other shots and learned driver was dead on the road. Vaughn also claimed the McLaury brothers and Ike Clanton were there with cattle and they also claimed they saw and heard the same thing. John Slaughter reportedly was in the area about the same time and saw Holliday pass them on the road very fast with the rifle across the saddle.

Vaughn claimed that everyone including the Drew family believed Holliday had shot the driver. He also claimed that the McLaurys, Ike Clanton, and Slaughter all testified against Holliday regarding the shooting, but the District Attorney said there was insufficient evidence and dropped the case. Supposedly there is or was a Subpoena issued with three named witnesses but it has disappeared and no one knows today who were the names listed.

I maintain that there is more to Virgil's involvement regarding Kate's complaint as a drunken woman could not turn in an Indictment to a court in that state. Therefore, I am wondering if Virgil didn't make it up that she was actually drunk at the time. I don't believe Behan had anything to do with it other than arrest Holliday as he was ordered to.

That's kind of it for now,

  • Doc's stage robbery hearingbfrey, Wed Aug 31 10:49
    Do we have a list or know who else testified if anyone? Was it just Kate, or did others testify they saw him riding hard for Tombstone that night? Records missing? thanks
    • Doc's antics... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 31 11:28
      • thanksbfrey, Thu Sep 01 10:09
        I believe if Mr. Vaughn who is independent in this matter, states that Slaughter, McLaury and Clantons testified there might be something to it? Why would Doc ride hard for Tombstone and ask for another... more
        • It could be that...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 01 11:37
          ...Doc was unaware that he had been seen and once in town worked on an alibi, hanging around in the saloons. On the other hand, he did require another horse as he accompanied Virgil & Wyatt and some others... more
          • Doc was broke that night!bfrey, Sun Sep 04 10:57
            As the story goes he missed the card game and when he returned to Tombstone had to hock his watch to get in a game? thanks. Would love to see the witness list as I dont believe Kate was the only witness... more
            • one does get the...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Sep 05 15:20
              ...impression that neither one of the Earps or Holliday were very sharp at the tables. They always seemed to be looking for an easier way to gather some greenbacks; however, perhaps honest work like mending... more
              • Re: one does get the...B.J., Tue Sep 06 4:15
                Joyce, do you really consider the 'cattle and mule' version of money laundering as "honest work" ? BTW... again, I really appreciate the balance which you bring to... more
                • BJ/ well, of course not....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 08 9:32
                  ...but let's keep a balanced view of who and what is involved in such illegal activity. It appears, though we lack much real information on them, the Patterson crowd were a bad bunch and got into a lot... more