Yes, and
Mon Sep 05, 16:12

Lee Remick and Shirley McLaine. (By the way, my mis-spelling of Lemmon in the prior post was inadvertent. No aspersion cast.)

  • ps: Three GravesJerry Prather, Mon Sep 05 13:44
    Just watched the Zane Grey Theatre episode "Three Graves". Jack Lemmon rides into a town where no guns are allowed. He concocts a scheme to take over the town and gain the riches he assumes will follow.... more
    • Here's JackJerry Prather, Tue Sep 06 6:12
      I found that this has recently been added on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrOJPxQStsY
      • Geej whiz, Jerryolds, Tue Sep 06 14:04
        Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on your post entitled "Here's Jack" only to discover that the Jack you were referring to was Lemmon. (Yes, I know, that that was the subject at hand.) For me, as... more
        • A musical interlude for JackJerry Prather, Wed Sep 07 6:44
          Bruce, I didn't recognize the name Colin Hay, but Men At Work certainly rang a bell. Had not heard the song for quite a while. It and several others from them are great. So, here's "Looking For Jack":... more
        • Will the real Jack please stand upJerry Prather, Tue Sep 06 14:49
          Well, the real Jack actually was in the back of my mind when I wrote that. How could he not be? With inappropriate casting being discussed, how horrible would it have been if after that axe chopped the... more
    • Yes, and — olds, Mon Sep 05 16:12