Bob Cash
On the subject of non-Western actors...
Mon Sep 05, 16:57

While it is almost impossiile for me to turn off a Jack Lemmon film when I come across one, I'm pretty sure I would want to if I happend on one of the Western y'all describe. I loved Dean Martin (minus Jerry Lewis), his singing, his variety show, his roasts, on talk shows, and his movies, UNLESS that movie is a Western. He seems so totally out of place that I cannot stand to look for more than a couple of minutes, if that. Thank God sinatra never made a Western. I hope.

  • Re: There's no gainsayingDaniel Buck, Mon Sep 05 9:46
    Goldman's most well known advice, about Hollywood, was “Nobody knows anything...... Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work. Every time out it's a guess... more
    • Well, Altman'solds, Mon Sep 05 16:45
      correct. Whether film or book or painting or musical composition, you as the maker have no way of knowing in advance if what you are making is going to "click," even less so if it is going to "stick."... more