Re: one does get the...
Tue Sep 06, 4:15

Joyce, do you really consider the 'cattle and mule' version of money laundering as "honest work" ?

BTW... again, I really appreciate the balance which you bring to this forum.

  • one does get the...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Sep 05 15:20
    ...impression that neither one of the Earps or Holliday were very sharp at the tables. They always seemed to be looking for an easier way to gather some greenbacks; however, perhaps honest work like mending... more
    • Re: one does get the... — B.J., Tue Sep 06 4:15
      • BJ/ well, of course not....Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 08 9:32
        ...but let's keep a balanced view of who and what is involved in such illegal activity. It appears, though we lack much real information on them, the Patterson crowd were a bad bunch and got into a lot... more