Nah, you're not
Tue Sep 06, 13:26

uncultured, not if you've read "Catch 22" a bunch of times and laugh until you cry. I seldom laugh or cry when reading a book, but when I read "Catch-22" the first time, I surprised myself. (Philip Roth's work has some Heller-sque touches in it as well. Don't know if you're a baseball guy, but his 1973 "The Great American Novel" had me rolling on the floor when I first read it, oh, about a thousand years ago.)

Besides, not reading fiction doesn't mark you as uncultured. Now, if you told me that you are not a regular opera and ballet and symphony goer, or that you have no use for abstract art and sculpture, I might reconsider, but a man who confesses that he just HAS to see "Dirty Dingus Mcgee" can only be above reproach.

You say you're an uncultured lout, which you clearly ain't. (Jeff Morey once told me that he had no imagination, none whatever, which is equally nonsensical.) You guys are too modest.

Yes, do please report back once you've seen "Dirty Dingus Mcgee," especially if it's terrible, as I suspect it may be.

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    • Nah, you're not — olds, Tue Sep 06 13:26