Bob Cash
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Sat Sep 17, 15:32

I am about half way through Joyce Aros'new book, VANATGE POINT. I would urge all on this board to get a copy, if for no ther reason than to allow Joyce to make enough money to buy an air conditioner. She lives in Tombstone, Arizona without an air conditioner, for God's sake!

It is clear that Joyce, as far as I can discern, has not changed her point of view in the last 15 years on any matter concerning the street fight regardless of the vantage point of the witnesses she analyzes. I am going to hold off reviewing or critiquing her book for at least a couple of weeks to give a chance to others to buy the book so they can participate in or at least see the context of the debate that is sure to ensue.

My sincere hope is that my good friend, after cooling her house off, will realize that the excessive heat has effected her thinking process and logic for these last 15 years, and that now, with a cool head as well as cool home, she will realize the error of her ways and agree with all of my compelling insghts and arguments...but, I wouldn't count on it!

    • I’LL BUY IT!Peter Love, Sun Sep 18 0:50
      Bob It’s great to see someone sticking to their guns. Joyce, how do I do that?
      • Peter LovePeter Brand, Thu Sep 22 17:35
        Hi Peter, I was trying to find you on Facebook without any luck. Can you email me please? Thank you. PB
      • Hi PeterPeter Brand, Mon Sep 19 21:49
        Hi Peter Do you still live in Australia? Cheers PB
        • Yes matePeter Love, Fri Sep 23 3:30
          In Canberra. Enjoyed your Johnny Tyler book.
          • Peter LovePeter Brand, Fri Sep 23 15:46
            Hi Peter Good to know. Could you email me please. I want to mail something to you. Cheers Pb
      • Peter, try Amazon or...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Sep 18 8:12
        ...Barnes & Noble. If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I will see you get a copy! ...and thank you!!!
        • Joyce - your bookpaul j, Sun Sep 18 11:50
          Will you have copies for the folks who are coming to TTR in a few weeks? I want a copy - and I would like it autographed, please. Thanks - paul
          • Paul/ your McLaury book....Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 21 10:23
            ...I am going over your book more thoroughly now as I had read it rather superficially years ago when it came out. I am appreciating it much more now and am glad you posted, as it reminded me to review... more
            • please come to TTRpaul j, Wed Sep 21 11:31
              Joyce - I'd love for you to come to TTR - Mike Mihaljevich and I have a presentation concerning Frank McLaury that features new information (NOT in my book). We'll be giving it on Wednesday evening at... more
              • Re: please come to TTRWayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 21 21:10
                Sadly, Joyce, we cannot attend this year for health reasons. Too bad- I’ve been looking forward to chatting with you, and I only shoot bad guys, so you’re safe with me 🤣
              • paul j. TTR - is it now a Free-for-all?Peter brand, Wed Sep 21 21:04
                Hi paul I have not attended TTR for many years. Can anyone just drop in on the event on any day to see all the presentations and then sell books at the event without paying the TTR Registration fee?... more
                • Peter (and Joyce) - your questionpaul j, Wed Sep 21 21:41
                  I may have gotten ahead of my skis, so to speak. The people to ask are the organizers, which I cannot be (living as far away as I do). What I do know is that we've had more local folks in recent years... more
                  • attendance at TTR...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 6:26
                    ...Paul, do not be concerned. I fully understand how these events work and each must chip in to cover expenses. It is not a problem and I hope you have not been embarrassed by the question. I am very much... more
              • Thank you for the invite...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 21 12:01
                ...I usually don't go as I am afraid I'll be shot, but if you offer protection...I will show up! I am intrigued by new information on the ranchers. Thank you again.
          • Paul/ thank you...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Sep 18 12:43
            ...I will be sure to have a few on hand. Looking forward to seeing you all. It is getting harder for everyone to make these trips nowadays, I think.
            • TTRSharon Cunningham, Mon Sep 19 6:09
              Wish I could be there! Would be wonderful to visit again in person with all my ol' Friends! Y'all have lots of fun and hoist one to the folks who can't be there with you!! Sharon
    • Bob, I sincerely hope others...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 17 16:03
      ...on this board will appreciate what I have put you through over the years. I am so impressed that you have gotten half-way through the book and not been arrested for drunk and dangerous driving! How... more
      • Re: Bob, I sincerely hope others...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 17 16:23
        You are right, Joyce. As long as I lay off the strong stuff, reading your book is great for my physical health (my mental health is another matter). After just a few pages my heart rate is the same as... more
        • How embarrassing!...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 17 17:33
          ...I never thought of you Texans as such wimps! I bet you even need to sit under the air conditioner sometimes. What a let-down. ...Cowboy up, there!
          • Re: How embarrassing!...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 17 19:28
            Not embarrassed at all. Air conditioning is the most important invention in the last 5,000 years. I bet you uncivilized Arizonans think it was something useless like language, or writing, or penicillin,... more