Joyce A. Aros
How embarrassing!...
Sat Sep 17, 17:33

...I never thought of you Texans as such wimps! I bet you even need to sit under the air conditioner sometimes. What a let-down.

...Cowboy up, there!

  • Re: Bob, I sincerely hope others...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 17 16:23
    You are right, Joyce. As long as I lay off the strong stuff, reading your book is great for my physical health (my mental health is another matter). After just a few pages my heart rate is the same as... more
    • How embarrassing!... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 17 17:33
      • Re: How embarrassing!...Bob Cash, Sat Sep 17 19:28
        Not embarrassed at all. Air conditioning is the most important invention in the last 5,000 years. I bet you uncivilized Arizonans think it was something useless like language, or writing, or penicillin,... more