Bob Cash
Re: How embarrassing!...
Sat Sep 17, 19:28

Not embarrassed at all. Air conditioning is the most important invention in the last 5,000 years. I bet you uncivilized Arizonans think it was something useless like language, or writing, or penicillin, or computers, or space travel.

Cowboy up? Who walked away from the vacant lot between Fly's and the Harwood house? The tough cowboys or the pleasure-seeking city dwellers?

All this typing is hot work. I've got to go sit under the air conditioner.

  • How embarrassing!...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 17 17:33
    ...I never thought of you Texans as such wimps! I bet you even need to sit under the air conditioner sometimes. What a let-down. ...Cowboy up, there!
    • Re: How embarrassing!... — Bob Cash, Sat Sep 17 19:28