paul j
Peter (and Joyce) - your question
Wed Sep 21, 21:41

I may have gotten ahead of my skis, so to speak. The people to ask are the organizers, which I cannot be (living as far away as I do).
What I do know is that we've had more local folks in recent years - and Joyce is certainly in that category.
Two things - perhaps a chat with Jean Smith and Nancy Sosa would answer the question more completely. I will be attending and I've sent in my full registration fee. Clearly there are expenses that must be met, and they still charge admission for the whole conference. For one session? Maybe there's a discount. For locals? Maybe . . . who knows?
I didn't mean to shake up the TTR organization by inviting you, Joyce - it was my impulse. I just think you'd enjoy this new revelation.
Best! paul

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    • Peter (and Joyce) - your question — paul j, Wed Sep 21 21:41
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