Bob Atwood
Re: Edith Kitt
Thu Sep 22, 12:58

The online bio says that Edith Kitt assumed the position of secretary of the Arizona Historical Society and remained the secretary for the Society for 22 years and became a leading authority on Arizona history.

Yes, the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society was the parent of the modern A.H.S.

She is mentioned in Burns' "Sources" page as one of 26 pioneers interviewed, not to mention "half a hundred other old-timers who knew Tombstone in its roaring days."

Walter Noble Burns refers to her on page ix as Mrs. George F. Kitt, and I have assumed that he interviewed her in 1926, his book having a 1927 publishing date.

Can we assume that "custodian" was part of her job as Secretary?

"Frank Vaughn of Tombstone" is also among the 26 named.

B. A.

  • Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Thu Sep 22 7:50
    Was this Edith Kitt, the 1934 interviewer of FRANCIS J. VAUGHAN, whose comments re many of the Cochise County citizens was spoken of here earlier in the year? If so, Bob, what exactly did her position... more
    • Notes on KittJerry Prather, Thu Sep 22 14:40
      Hello Sharon, This is not going to add much to what has already been provided, but Edith Kitt is mentioned in two notes in Mark Dworkin's book: Edith Kitt to Burns, on Arizona Pioneer's Historical Society... more
    • Re: Edith Kitt — Bob Atwood, Thu Sep 22 12:58
      • Re: Edith Kitt...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 13:27
        ...It is interesting that Edith Kitt had an impressive Resume and was considered a leading authority on Arizona history; but when reading over Frank Vaughn's memoirs recorded by Mrs. Kitt, I am disappointed... more
        • Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Fri Sep 23 7:09
          Hi, Jerry, Joyce and Bob... Thanks for your input on Mrs. Kitt. After learning her given name, I finally found her online and saw her ages-long contribution to AZ history. Joyce, I agree with you about... more