tom gsumer
Ms. Kitt
Sun Sep 25, 2022 14:37

Ahs told me Ms. Kitt's interviews are not together in one file but separated and placed in separate files of the people she spoke with.

  • Re: Edith Kitt...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 2022 14:27
    ...It is interesting that Edith Kitt had an impressive Resume and was considered a leading authority on Arizona history; but when reading over Frank Vaughn's memoirs recorded by Mrs. Kitt, I am disappointed... more
    • Ms. Kitt — tom gsumer, Sun Sep 25 2022 14:37
    • Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Fri Sep 23 2022 8:09
      Hi, Jerry, Joyce and Bob... Thanks for your input on Mrs. Kitt. After learning her given name, I finally found her online and saw her ages-long contribution to AZ history. Joyce, I agree with you about... more