Sharon Cunningham
Tue Sep 27, 2022 9:04

That you own the Lutley house! Wish I'd known that when I was still visiting you in T'stone, Lo, these many years past!

  • Lutley...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 5:50
    Bob, I hope you can give us more on this. It was fun to see MR. Lutley's name at the top as I happen to own the Lutley house in Tombstone. My elderly neighbour, who passed away many years ago, used to... more
    • Re: Lutley...Bob Atwood, Tue Sep 27 2022 16:27
      I'm looking into a few of them, but Lutley is two or three years late for being a true contemporary to our early 80s action. Henry Smith is another matter, being a true contemporary for all of the time... more
    • GOOD STUFF, Joyce — Sharon Cunningham, Tue Sep 27 2022 9:04
      • Sharon....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 10:48
        You will be happy to know I am trying to keep the house as close to the original as I can. It is now 140 years old and was originally Judge Moses' home for about a year. The walls are very thin and there... more
        • Lutley HouseSharon Cunningham, Wed Sep 28 2022 8:05
          Great to see in my mind's eye, your home, Joyce. I'm so glad it has owners who care for history... even a 140-year old house! Hugs, my ol' Friend. Sharon