Bob Atwood
Re: Lutley...
Tue Sep 27, 2022 16:27

I'm looking into a few of them, but Lutley is two or three years late for being a true contemporary to our early 80s action.
Henry Smith is another matter, being a true contemporary for all of the time the Earps were in the area. Blue collar, hands on, jack of all trades kind of guy. I think Walter Noble Burns should have pumped him for all Smith could remember. When interviewd by Burns he was about 80, or close to six months older that Billy Breakenridge.

Smith was in Tucson in '78 running a meat market with dual advertising for English and Spanish. Got elected as Poundmaster under City Marshal Buttner in '79.
When Tombstone took off Smith became a freighter hauling from Tucson. On the 1880 Census for Tucson, he is listed with his wife Lizzie on June 14. Then on June 27 he is listed at Tombstone alone with identical data.
I should mention that Lizzie was off the chart in terms of free spirit.
In January of '82 Henry Smith was victim of the Ruslers who stole two horses from him kept at Watervale. He also lived at Benson at that time which was termed a "vice-ridden burg,"

  • Lutley...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 5:50
    Bob, I hope you can give us more on this. It was fun to see MR. Lutley's name at the top as I happen to own the Lutley house in Tombstone. My elderly neighbour, who passed away many years ago, used to... more
    • Re: Lutley... — Bob Atwood, Tue Sep 27 2022 16:27
    • GOOD STUFF, JoyceSharon Cunningham, Tue Sep 27 2022 9:04
      That you own the Lutley house! Wish I'd known that when I was still visiting you in T'stone, Lo, these many years past!
      • Sharon....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 10:48
        You will be happy to know I am trying to keep the house as close to the original as I can. It is now 140 years old and was originally Judge Moses' home for about a year. The walls are very thin and there... more
        • Lutley HouseSharon Cunningham, Wed Sep 28 2022 8:05
          Great to see in my mind's eye, your home, Joyce. I'm so glad it has owners who care for history... even a 140-year old house! Hugs, my ol' Friend. Sharon