Behan and Breakenridge…….
Sun Oct 02, 2022 21:02

….appear to be distancing themselves from the rustlers and cow-boys as a function of passing time in their later years according to the documented dates?

  • Reversal on viewpoint?...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Oct 02 2022 18:16
    Well, with quotes like these from John Behan and Billy Breakenridge, I have to take another look at all things pertaining to outlawry where the ranchers stood. But the puzzle is; why, if these men... more
    • Joycepat mulligan, Tue Dec 20 2022 9:16
      This was the duty of Behan the County Sherriff as the crimes were committed throughout his Jurisdiction. I am not sure cattle rustling was a Federal Crime. Would need to see the Law at that time.
    • Behan and Breakenridge……. — B.J., Sun Oct 02 2022 21:02