Jones in your left hand junk drawer LOL (nm)
Mon Oct 03, 13:39

  • For Joyce A. and Tom G.K.t.K., Sat Oct 01 5:06
    After about a year and a half hiatus from all things Earpiana I had a couple of unexpected conversations with Joyce Aros. This prompted me to return to this board for a looksee over the last few days.... more
    • Jones in your left hand junk drawer LOL (nm) — bfrey, Mon Oct 03 13:39
      • JonesJones, Mon Oct 03 15:34
        Howdy: I'm the Jones that made the simulation of the shootout. I'm not the one who posted that message. Perhaps Nick's mom is at it again? Jones
        • I'm not Jones or the other Jones, but...Bob Cash, Tue Oct 04 8:45
          I would also like to know the sources of your findings so far or if you intend to share them in an article that would be more of a bombshell than a post on this forum. Othewise, at some point, this, like... more
    • Re: For Joyce A. and Tom G.Bob Cash, Sat Oct 01 18:54
      Kenny, this info aligns with something our friend Michael Hickey wrote in his book THE DEATH OF WARREN BAXTR EARP. According to Michael, there was an account that a young stranger in a Tonopah saloon... more
      • Coincidentally I was recently going through that book after so many years - had forgotten how fascinating it was. I loved what he wrote about you, saying that Bob Cash is "a dogged truth-chaser." Exactly!... more
        • Warren book page 399Tom Gaumer, Sun Oct 02 9:30
          Ken Unconfirmed story according to Michael If I remember right there is a book about lawman Thomas Logan that mentions the story Keep Laughing Tom
          • Re: Warren book page 399Bob Cash, Sun Oct 02 10:59
            • Thomas W. Logan was Sheriff and Assessor of Nye County for the first time in 1902. In early 1903 the elections brought in a new regime of James G. Cushing. Our incident in question took place much later... more
    • "Long May His Story Be Told"Peter Brand, Sat Oct 01 17:39
      Hi KtK As long as researchers, such as yourself, and others like me, Casey and John etc. keep researching about Wyatt Earp and his friends and enemies, Wyatt's story will continue to be told over and... more
      • . (nm), Sun Oct 02 5:50
        • Sadly his daughter....Peter Brand, Sun Oct 02 16:25
          Hi KtK I could never be confused about your feelings toward Wyatt. I am, however, a little confused in regards to your feelings about Morgan. Would you consider yourself a MW? I doubt there are any... more
          • (nm), Sun Oct 02 23:10
            • Wow - what brought that on?Peter Brand, Mon Oct 03 4:43
              Hi Kenny What happened? In 2019 you wrote praise for the Tyler book twice - "Within the biography are lots of extras for the real frontier gamblers buff. Thanks Peter for all the various efforts... more
              • , Mon Oct 03 16:31
                I said, "I need to correct one or two of your mistakes." <
              • Well said, Peter.Bob Cash, Mon Oct 03 12:27
                And, Kenny, I really hope to have you around to collaborate on our shared belief that Morgan and Wyatt fired the first shots in the street fight, particularly because of the upcoming battle with Joyce... more
                • Paging Bob CashB.J., Tue Oct 18 1:08
                  Hey Bob, several participants have expressed allowing Kenny to post on our forum. I also appreciate some of Kenny's research however, collectively none feel that Kenny should be attacking other's research... more
                  • Re: Paging Bob CashBob Cash, Wed Oct 19 18:19
                    BJ, before I saw your question here, I had already been called out by several friends for this statement, “... (and is an example of why having Kenny on this board is a net positive)", and after a few... more
                    • Re: Re: Paging Bob CashB.J., Thu Oct 20 3:54
                      Hey Bob, self reflection is not always easy to do. I think most of us at least tend to mellow out as we age. However some individuals for some reason go in the opposite direction. The many years which... more
                  • B.J., Need your email addressSharon Cunningham, Wed Oct 19 8:54
                    Harking back to the old Charleston Trek from TTR, I found a pic you might like... and to post on this Discussion Board??? sharon
                    • emailB.J., Wed Oct 19 22:00
                      I sent you an email to both of your addresses on file.
                    • Re: B.J., Need your email addressB.J., Wed Oct 19 9:21
                      My email is at the very bottom of this forum. I have no idea how to post pictures. Sorry
                      • Your email address???Sharon Cunningham, Wed Oct 19 12:08
                        An error message states the email address at the bottom of the discussion chain isn't a valid address??? Sharon
    • Thanks Ken That sure makes the pointTom Gaumer, Sat Oct 01 15:11
      about the comparison of criminal records between the McLaurys and Clantons and the Earps crystal clear. In the past the incident in Tonopah was largely unknown and was referred to as a slap. Does your... more
      • Re: Thanks Ken That sure makes the pointBob Cash, Sun Oct 02 11:04
        Kenny, just for balance can you give us your basic take on thr McLaurts and Clantons corning their involvement with the Cowboy gang and, for that matter, your take on the Cowboy gang itself?
        • Let's keep it simple Mr. CashK.t.K., Sun Oct 02 15:19
          I remember years ago getting blue in the face one time over trying to convince somebody about the truth. Bottom line should be the quotes of two contemporaries in the know. That is, in the know of specific... more
          • BreckenridgeRoy B. YOUNG, Thu Oct 06 13:28
            This is NOT unpublished. I don't want in on any arguing, but putting down Peter on this discussion page is totally improper.
            • Re: BreckenridgeBob Cash, Wed Oct 12 8:20
              Roy, where is the pre-HELLDORADO Breckenridge manuscript available?
              • Break mss.Roy B Young, Wed Oct 12 13:31
                I published it in a WOLA Journal quite a few years ago. If you want to see the original, it is at the Arizona State Library in Phoenix. Sad, that certain people state things they know nothing about... more
            • I think it might benefit Kenny if others sending messages would instead post their perspectives openly on this forum as you have. However I understand that doing so can result in being on the receiving... more
      • Re: Thanks Ken That sure makes the pointK.t.K., Sat Oct 01 21:26
        The source describes Wyatt as being extremely exasperated over how badly his evening and whole night had gone and was going, loosing at the gaming tables. Sadie had asked him in effect to give it up and... more
    • Now there's a guy who...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Oct 01 6:21
      ...knows how to 'cowboy up' and support truth. Thank you, ol' pard!