Dan Brown
Frank McLaury's ridiculous accusation
Mon Oct 24, 8:13

was your basic statement of contempt for authority. Think of it as a the next best thing to spitting.

  • Thanks again BobPeter Brand, Wed Oct 05 18:04
    Hi Bob Thank you once again for showing the importance of primary sources and good research when dealing with these matters. The full story is far more engaging and interesting than the fiction. And the... more
    • Frank McLaury's ridiculous accusation — Dan Brown, Mon Oct 24 8:13
      • Ridiculous accusation it might have been...,...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Oct 24 15:40
        ...but the irresponsible public accusation against Frank McLaury when there was no solid evidence to back it was beneath the officer's position. He was frustrated because he allowed himself to be made... more
    • Bob - forgot to add...Peter Brand, Thu Oct 06 1:08
      Hurst's visit to Tombstone in September, 1880 was in relation to another hunt, but unrelated to the mule incident. Cheers PB