Dan Brown
Re: Re: He shot the sheriff but he did not shoot
Tue Oct 25, 9:50

Sorry, but you're being led by a story in an Australian paper. Again, the article mentions Earp anecdotally - Earp is not actually present. He is not directly quoted as boasting about shooting a sheriff. What you have is a reporter relating a story two between men who mention Earp.

Interestingly, you wrote that Earp would be little known, if at all, in Australia, yet the reporter does mention him casually as though the name might in fact register with his readers.

Is there any other anecdotes of Earp telling of how he shot the sheriff? I have not read any and I've read quite a bit about Earp.

Frankly, I have no reason to believe Earp was above boasting. He was a gambler and I suspect he enjoyed bantering with his colleagues. No doubt he tipped his hat occasionally.

There was a book, The Earps Speaks, that collected the known quotes of the Earps. (I may have the title wrong. College Station Press?) It gives a general feel for how the Earps spoke publicly.

Maybe the reporter mentioned Earp more than once before his Australian audience?

  • Re: He shot the sheriff but he did not shootPeter Love, Mon Oct 24 15:45
    Dan True, but it would be an example of his LYING about shooting the sheriff. This article appears written entirely for an Australian audience. The name “Earp” would have been unknown at that time.... more
    • Re: Re: He shot the sheriff but he did not shoot — Dan Brown, Tue Oct 25 9:50
    • Peter, there is NO credible evidence of Earp bragging to Parson's or anybody else. Any journalist who ever interviewed Earp ended up frustrated trying to elicit any information. ... more
      • One commentPeter Love, Tue Oct 25 17:51
        BJ The idea that only Wyatt Earp, one man, could tell the true story of the west, seems absurd.
        • Another spin....B.J., Wed Oct 26 2:57
          The context of Bat's statement was Wyatt's time in the west.
        • Peter/ it seemed to me...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Oct 25 18:15
          ...Parsons had a bad case of Idol worship for a man his age. His posed photo also seems to suggest he saw himself as more than he really was. I always wondered why he was so quiet about Virgil's comradery... more
          • Re: Peter/ it seemed to me...Peter Love, Thu Oct 27 0:23
            Joyce Yes, it’s hard not to get the impression he was, in some ways, a bit of the “tenderfoot “ although he did become a leading Vigilante later. And he was a stiriver like many of them, and had a... more