Peter Love
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Tue Oct 25, 17:51


The idea that only Wyatt Earp, one man, could tell the true story of the west, seems absurd.

  • Peter, there is NO credible evidence of Earp bragging to Parson's or anybody else. Any journalist who ever interviewed Earp ended up frustrated trying to elicit any information. ... more
    • One comment — Peter Love, Tue Oct 25 17:51
      • Another spin....B.J., Wed Oct 26 2:57
        The context of Bat's statement was Wyatt's time in the west.
      • Peter/ it seemed to me...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Oct 25 18:15
        ...Parsons had a bad case of Idol worship for a man his age. His posed photo also seems to suggest he saw himself as more than he really was. I always wondered why he was so quiet about Virgil's comradery... more
        • Re: Peter/ it seemed to me...Peter Love, Thu Oct 27 0:23
          Joyce Yes, it’s hard not to get the impression he was, in some ways, a bit of the “tenderfoot “ although he did become a leading Vigilante later. And he was a stiriver like many of them, and had a... more