Eddie Lanham
Wed Nov 02, 5:49

Peter, Your name was mentioned several times during the interview, especially in the last few min of #9.

  • Nice start - Join the WWHAPeter Brand, Wed Nov 02 1:26
    I really enjoyed hearing both Victoria and Gary. It was a great start and I am looking forward to further sessions. The wait will be worth it. Congratulation to the WWHA - now all you people who are... more
    • Recognition — Eddie Lanham, Wed Nov 02 5:49
      • Wow - really?Peter Brand, Wed Nov 02 13:55
        Hi Eddie That's pretty cool. Thank you for producing this. It's important to get these conversations out to the public. I like the "general chat" style of the production. It's like having Gary and Victoria... more
        • Re: Wow - really?Bob Cash, Fri Nov 04 10:00
          Most interesting to me is Gary talking about receiving new info from a researcher named Bob Cash on the day he got the final draft for his Doc bio. This was stunning news to me because I have no memory... more