Bob Cash
Re: Wow - really?
Fri Nov 04, 10:00

Most interesting to me is Gary talking about receiving new info from a researcher named Bob Cash on the day he got the final draft for his Doc bio. This was stunning news to me because I have no memory whatsoever of finding such material let alone sending it to Doc Roberts. I mentioned to my wife and she said she remembers me telling her about finding the info and Gary letting know it was too late to get in the book. Lesson: Save your emails or marry someone with a memory like an iron trap (not always good for me).

  • Wow - really?Peter Brand, Wed Nov 02 13:55
    Hi Eddie That's pretty cool. Thank you for producing this. It's important to get these conversations out to the public. I like the "general chat" style of the production. It's like having Gary and Victoria... more
    • Re: Wow - really? — Bob Cash, Fri Nov 04 10:00