paul j
too bad you weren't there, Bob
Thu Nov 10, 18:04

Roy Young gave a presentation about the claim and its unlikelihood. Lots of other good presentations, too. Come join us next year!
All the best! paul

  • Well, TTR attendees...Bob Cash, Tue Nov 08 9:48
    ...Was guiding Gerge W. Hearst around Cochise County another Wyatt Windy? Enquiring minds want to know.
    • too bad you weren't there, Bob — paul j, Thu Nov 10 18:04
      • Re: too bad you weren't there, BobBob Cash, Sat Nov 12 15:04
        Thank you for the invitation, Paul. Every year I try to figure out which event I can attend, TTR's or WWHA's and at least for the last four years something (work, political conventions, family health concerns,... more