Thanks, but
Sat Nov 12, 2022 6:55

I really dislike that word, "spry." It's only used to describe those of a certain age. Which age I am, I suppose, but who needs reminding, especially when my back reminds me by screaming at me every morning and all day long. It's like the word "frisky." When an older person finds him or herself beset by a certain....itch, they're not described as being "turned on" or whatever, they're just frisky (or naughty). Kittens are frisky. Puppies are frisky. Fillies are frisky. Old people, like young people--shudder to think--are horny.

Of course you can't always control your attitude. If you could, all the psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as much of Big Pharma would be out of business, the divorce rate would tank, the country would be less politically polarized, and everyone would appreciate irony and the Absurd. But to the extent that you can, it oft-times can be helpful, or not, depending on how you define a "positive" one. (I'm often accused of having a "bad" or "negative" attitude. I don't. I'm just cynical, but in the most positive sense imaginable.)

I did enjoy my birthday in the sense that I made it through the day without getting hit by a bus. Thanks.

  • I've heard worse...Dan Brown, Fri Nov 11 2022 15:32
    And seen it too. 71. Congratulations. The bad back, thinning hair, but yet you've retained your spry manner! As for your son's three marriages, you can tell him that I'm on his side. I've found it best... more
    • Thanks, but — olds, Sat Nov 12 2022 6:55
      • Don't mention it...Dan Brown, Sun Nov 13 2022 11:40
        You're correct on both counts. I see now that spry was not the right word. It is something one is more likely to hear in a Canal Street boom-boom house just before the beginning of the third round.... more