Joyce A. Aros
Right, Tom....
Sat Nov 12, 14:48

...and her testimony alone should have changed the course of history!

  • Remember Mrs. King also testified as to VirgilsTom Gaumer, Sat Nov 12 14:43
    Joyce murderous intentions and only a few feew and seconds before the shooting started. Keep Laughing Tom
    • So,Tom, while Mrs. King's testimony tends to lend credence to Fallehy's, why would Behan testify to a different statement from Virgil that, while still injudicious, was not an indication of murder wit... more
      • Murder with malice?Tom Gaumer, Sat Nov 12 21:24
        BOB Behaan says Virgil said "there were "a lot of sons of bitches in town looking for a fight.{Does sons of bitches indicate some malice?} "I said to him (Virgil) "You had better disarm the crowd."... more
      • Hi, Bob...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Nov 12 16:17
        ...I think the answer to that is the difference in the two men. I often like to argue that you can read between the lines without altering the record and that is the way I tend to look at this situation.... more
    • Right, Tom.... — Joyce A. Aros, Sat Nov 12 14:48